2012 Conference Programme

Downloadable conference programme (PDF)

Friday 29th June

9-9.30: Registration and Coffee

9.30-9.45: Welcome

9.45-11.45: Panel 1: Marginal Workers

Marion Pluskota (Leicester):

Prostitutes and officials: a comparative study of prostitution in port cities in 18th century France and England

Helen Sampson (Seafarers International Research Centre):        

Hamburg: Seafarers in a changing city

Pamela Taylor (Liverpool):

Paupers & prostitutes, peddlers & parlourmaids: 19th century Liverpool’s treatment of poor Irish women

Caroline Withall (Oxford):  

Children of port towns – shipped out? Child workers in English ports during the Industrial Revolution

11.45-12: Coffee

12-1: Keynote 1:

Sheryllynne Haggerty (University of Nottingham)

 Managing Microwave Manuals: Port history, networks and interdisciplinarity

1-2: Lunch

2-3.30: Panel 2: Commerce and Trade Networks

Emily Buchnea (Nottingham):

The survival guide to transatlantic trade? Crisis and change in the Liverpool-New York trading community, 1763-1833

Jane-Marie Collins (Nottingham):

Trading places: the commercial and social lives of port city women in nineteenth century Salvador de Bahia

Siobhan Talbott (Manchester):

Markets and society: Britons in Bordeaux, la Rochelle and Nantes, 1688-1713

3.30-4: Coffee

4-5.30: Panel 3: Networking and Organization in the Early Twentieth Century

Florian Grafl (Giessen):

The port as a source of violence? Criminal networks of foreigners in Barcelona in the first half of the 20th century

Nicholas Piercey (University College London):

Rotterdam in August 1914: football, war and the individual – a case for speculative micro-history

Michele De Gregorio (Independent Researcher):

The ship is our country’: the Triestini maritime workers as agents of diffusion of the antifascist solidarity across national boundaries

5.30-6: Closing discussion

Saturday 30th June

9-9.30: Registration and Coffee

9.30-11: Panel 4: Case Studies of Early Modern Port Cities

Joseph M Clark (Johns Hopkins):

Port cities and maritime culture in the Spanish Caribbean, 1566-1665

Melisa Galván (UC Berkeley):

From contraband capital to border city: trade, politics and culture in the development of the port of Matamoros, 1746-1848

Kieran McCarthy (NUI Cork):

Rebuilding a port city: morphology and agency in early 18th century Cork

11-11.15: Coffee

11.15-12.45: Panel 5: Culture and Representation

Tony Crowley (Scripps College):

How ‘Scouse’ was made: Frank Shaw and the construction of a cultural / linguistic identity

Robert James (Portsmouth):

‘I dunno what we’d do without our cinematograph’: naval port town cinema-going during the first world war

Michelle Nicholson-Sanz (QMUL):

Staging the hybridity of Latin American port cities

12.45-1.45: Lunch

1.45-2.45: Keynote 2

David Featherstone (University of Glasgow)

Black internationalism, port city lives and the construction of place: aspects of a left maritime geography

2.45-4.15: Panel 6: Memory

Karl Bell (Portsmouth):

Port city afterlives: the cultural function of ghosts in nineteenth-century Portsmouth

Sarah DeMott (NYU):

Sicilian migration to Tunisia: identity, representation and memory

Janine Schemmer (Forschungsstelle für Zeitgeschichte in Hamburg):

Port city as memory space – narrations of former Hamburg dockworkers

4.15-4.30: Tea

4.30-5.30: Panel 7: Restructuring, Redevelopment, Renewal

Jo Byrne & Alex Ombler (Hull):

Hull: a tale of two port cities

Lazaros Karaliotas (Manchester):

There’s no such thing as ‘the port of the Balkans’: urban elite configurations and postpolitical politics in Thessaloniki’s port restructuring

5.30-6pm: Closing Discussion